Sunday, April 23, 2006

Serenity: Too TV or not TV?

Arrrgh! I don't know how I feel about this movie. Arrrgh! That's pirate in case you didn't recognize it. I'm frustrated because Serenity came highly recommended and I don't feel I watched it correctly because I didn't like it.

Serenity is based on the Joss Whedon-created sci fi series Firefly which I've never watched. I heard that it would stand on it's own so didn't worry about that. I'm still trying to figure out if it can or not. The story begins 500 years in the future with the abduction of a teenage girl who is in the process of being horribly tortured in a lab. She gets sprung by her brother and escapes to a spaceship with a swashbuckling captain and corresponding witty, good looking crew. Adventures ensue while a deep cover government agent pursues the team, trying to get the girl back.

While watching this movie I noticed something after a while. The actors all had strange, slightly irish accents and there was no heavy metal music. Lately when Hollywood tries to reach the teen crowd (my mentality) they employ hard hitting pop tunes that remind me of the flick when I listen to my radio. There was none of that here. There was lilting, celtic sounding music that I typically avoid like the plague. (Hey, I used to live in Boston so I'm no stranger to Irish music - RUN!) I'm not saying it was awful, just unexpected.

If you're a super duper sci fi geek then watch this movie. It had some cool ass-kicking scenes. The boo hoo stuff at the end didn't hold enough water for me, however. I didn't buy the captain's change of heart. Perhaps if I'd seen the show in advance I would have had time to fall in love with him and then not care.


Nehring said...

We may be the only two people who agree that this film is not impressive (to put it lightly.) Like you, I didn't watch the show and came to the film with all of the hype buzzing in my ear.

It stinks.

I think people want to like it so they are willing to excuse massive plot holes, irrational character motivations and limp dialog.

eholsinger said...

I have tried to watch this movie twice; it's on Cinemax on Demand right now. Both times, I felt like I was missing something. All the action scenes are missing the drama. I didn't feel like the reavers were scary or dangerous in the interrupted robbery scene. The captain of the ship seems like he should be a flawed hero type, but he comes off as a bad actor. I'll give it one more shot, but I'm pretty sure this is too TV.